Why hire a doula?


Birth doulas are there to help you have the birth that you want and, most importantly, to remind you how powerful you are. A birth doula will support you emotionally and physically using evidence based information, share comfort techniques, create and support a cohesive birth team, and help you feel safe by advocating for yourself.

Your primary care provider’s role, whether it be your OBGYN, midwife, or family doctor, is to be aware of you and your baby’s safety and to provide and perform alternative medical interventions for you.

Labor and delivery nurses are responsible for fulfilling their job requirements and supporting your primary care providers.

Together we create a strong birth team for you!

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Other methods of support a birth doula might provide:

• Before the birth we can explore what your needs are   for a safe birth experience
• Use evidence based information to create a plan that   feels good to you
• Come up with a back up plan

• Support you with education about feeding your baby

• Attend a prenatal visit with your doctor or midwife if   you choose
• Stay with you after the birth until you and baby are   settled in and ready for sleep
• Discuss plans for postpartum and newborn care and   new parenting-helping  you set yourself up for success!

• Discuss non medicated comfort techniques and other   strategies to support you during labor and birth

• Discuss medical procedures  and interventions

• Be there during your entire labor and birth having full   confidence that you can do this-whatever that looks like   for you.  You are amazing!
• Doula your entire birth team

• Support you in managing your stress

•Facilitate communication within your birth team

• Support you after the birth to get your needs met: share   information about postpartum and newborn care, new   parenting, knowing your birth story, feeding, and sharing   a cup of tea


Parenting a newborn can be challenging. Your postpartum doula is there to support you during the transition into new parenting, however that looks for you. You can expect your postpartum doula to:

• Share evidence based information about postpartum   care and comfort measures, newborn care, and new   parenting
• Support you with feeding your baby

*Support parent and baby bonding and attachment

• Provide help in your home such as light housework,       meal preparation, sibling care, local errands, laundry...   anything you need for support so that you can take care   of yourself and your new baby
• Knowing your birth story

• Discuss postpartum nutrition, exercise, and mental   health

• Doula your family: they may also need some support   during this transition

*Support you and your partner in your changing   relationship

• Care for your baby so you can get some sleep

• Help you manage your stress

• Help you connect with community resource



A  doula can support you as you experience a loss of your child. This can be an emotionally challenging time and as your doula I can be there to support you with:

• Physical recovery

• Light housekeeping, meal preparation, sibling care,   local errands

• Stress management

• Connection with community resources

* Processing your story


Should you decide to terminate your pregnancy, a doula can be there to support you through and after that process. 

This can be an emotionally challenging time and as your doula I can be there to support you with:

• Physical recovery

• Light housekeeping, meal preparation, sibling care,   local errands
• Stress management
• Connection with community resources

* Processing your story